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Once you Share your song/ track to any Social Media or Music Blog, You would get Plays, Likes, Repost, comments etc but not in fixed number. Right ? We are doing the same and we keep the Campaign running until your track reach to exact number of Views and engagements. But not guarantee for fixed number. For example- You purchased Soundcloud Services- 5K Plays package but you will get Less than or More than 5K.

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How to build your Music Viral: If you want to make your Viral your song/ track to your audience, you need to research more. Click here to learn free on it. If you hire or purchase our Soundcloud service then we’ll apply our method to gain you audience and engagements. If you’ve the most played track of a week your track would go on the Soundcloud chart. If it happens, you will be Zero to Hero Overnight.ย  It will only happen, when you track is full filled with ON Page Optimization and recognition among the Soundcloud users. If the users will save your track by Like, share to own profile by repost, Played, followed etc, then your track might be recognized. Donโ€™t enforce overnight ย to gain such thing otherwise Soundcloud will catch it as youโ€™re doing like a robot. Then you might lose your track even your profile.
Remember just one thing:
You can buy Soundcloud Services- plays, Likes, Repost etc from anywhere no problem. It should be natural and have a good ration with Plays and engagements. Suppose your target to gain Plays 1000, then Likes should be 3 to 5%, Repost 2 to 2.5% and Comments 1 to 1.5%. You can try our method. Weโ€™ve promoted more than 1M tracks and daily hundreds of track. Nothing happens bad to our artists.

We never guarantee to Move your Track to the TOP Chart Or Adding revenue. Only Promote your song/Track in our way. If You want to test before purchase, Contact us via Mail !!! admin@realsoundcloudplay.com